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For over 30 years WIZARD AMPLIFICATION has been dedicated to the design and manufacturing of high-end tube amplifiers and speaker cabinets.

Wizard Amplifiers are hand built in Canada with construction consisting of military type turret boards, true point to point soldering, premium capacitors and metal film resistors for stability and tolerance.

Fully welded and polished 14 gauge nickel and brass plated steel chassis support high quality custom built transformers.

Lexan control panels dress these amplifiers and high grade potentiometers control them. Heavy duty sockets are fitted with matched sets of high grade tubes.

Hand wired and zero compromise in construction assures ultimate reliability in the studio and on the road.

All cabinets are of 100% Baltic birch in construction. Recessed steel handles, high quality speaker mounting hardware, aluminum jack plates with Switchcraft jacks, and high grade Tolex covering add to the combined class and ruggedness of all Wizard cabinetry.

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Wizard “Leopard” Clean Boost Pedal

The Wizard Leopard is a “Transparent Overdrive” capable of producing a Clean Transparent Boost adding signal without altering guitar tone.

This clean boost unit allows for additional volume with minimal sound coloring, while maintaining the capability to be pushed into a clean sustain signature and supplying more volume and punch so every note can come through loud and clear retaining solid dynamics.

The “Bright Control” is added to maintain smooth top end tailoring for enhanced tone shaping and a “Side-Switch” input is added allowing amplifier channel switching while engaging the pedal if desired.


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